1. Connect

Using Windows Authentication or SQL Server Authentication

Local and Remote instances supported

Console for viewing connection status

2. Select

Discover database objects

Select All, Schema Only, Data Only options

Import check box - for discovering database objects from source control

3. gitSQL.

Export to a Source Control Directory

Export, creates flat file SQL statements of objects from SQL Server

The data option creates a flat file version of the data from Tables

What is gitSQL?

gitSQL is a *free front end GUI for scripting out SQL objects into Flat File for use with Source Control such as GIT.

What does it do exactly?

Under the hood; gitSQL discovers database objects and then scripts them out using native database code. The schema is scripted out as create statements so that a database can be built directly from source control.

Does it script out Data too?

Yes - it does. Data can be scripted out into static data files. These files can then be imported into a database.

*free version limited to 20 tables, 10 views, 10 stored procedures and 10 functions.