*Free To Use. Upgrade Anytime.

* Limited on number of objects, CLI requires licence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to buy a licence?


We wanted gitSQL to be free and easy to use. The free edition exports 20 tables and 10 objects per additional object type.

Great for small projects.

Need more? Purchase a Licence to unlock unlimited objects and access to the CLI*.

* CLI available on the SQL Server Edition of gitSQL.

2. What if I have more than twenty table objects to source control?

We have an unlimited version.

Purchase a 12 month licence to unlock the number of objects.

3. Who else does Source Control for SQL?

Redgate have a great SQL Server tool but its 1238% more expensive than gitSQL. (Based on per user licence – April 2019)

We are working on compiling a list of competitors to show where gitSQL shines.

Take a look at our gitSQL vs Redgate comparison to see how much saving can be achieved with gitSQL.

4. Can I cancel if gitSQL does not work for us?

We encourage users to download and use gitSQL for free.

There is no time limit on the free edition; we simply restrict the number of objects.

This freemium model allows us to support startups, freelancers and hobbyists with an upgrade option for larger commercial projects.

The Licence period is 12 months upon purchase and cannot be cancelled for a refund once purchased.

5. How long does the licence last for?

The licensing period is 12 months from purchase.

Renewal emails are sent 1 month prior to expiry.

Log in to manage licences with options to renew.

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